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eBay is Australia and the world's largest personal online trading community. eBay created a new market: efficient one-to-one trading in an auction format on the Web.

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Individuals—not big businesses—use eBay to buy and sell items in more than 1,600 categories, including collectibles, antiques, sports memorabilia, computers, toys, beanie babies, dolls, figures, coins, stamps, books, magazines, music, pottery, glass, photography, electronics, jewellery, gemstones, and much more. What ever their passion, users can find the unique and the interesting on eBay—everything from chintz china to chairs, teddy bears to trains, and furniture to figurines.

As the leading person-to-person trading site, buyers are attracted to eBay because of the large amount of content available. Similarly, sellers are compelled to trade on eBay because it gives them access to a huge number of buyers. Around the world, eBay runs over two million auctions each day—and more than 250,000 new items join the "for sale" list every 24 hours.

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